Gardeners of Chaos

Session 2 - Off to Loudwater

Saving the world starts with a small favor for a distant cousin

The town leader of Weeping Briar, the most influential farmer in the small village, asks the adventurers to consider aiding his cousin Hardeth in Loudwater where he is facing a serious threat from Giants rampaging in the area around the Gray Vale. Governor Hardeth has sent his envoy Zefan to scour the lands for aid. His visit to Weeping Briar was most fruitful as our heroes were more than willing to take on the challenge, not missing an opportunity to help, particularly when there is a reward included.

The journey to Loudwater is long and perilous from Weeping Briar, which is located between Cormyr and The Dalelands, so the adventurers and Zefan rode horses to Arabel and paid for a teleportation to Daggerdale, andwent by riverboat to Loudwater. There they met with Hardeth, the Commander of the Guard and the local Amaunator clergy. There they were presented with the problem of the Giants and told about the raids and destruction that they had caused, and the horrible rumor of war. The Commander explained that he had received reports that the Giants were preparing for a war. They accepted the mission to explore what is happening, and received a charter and was promised 22,000 gold pieces as a reward if they could find a way to stop this war. Zefan agreed to join the group and lend his warrior skills to the collective pool of awesomness.

Spending the night in Loudwater, and talking to the locals revealed a few more rumors about the happenings of late, and about Llorkh, the small village between Loudwater and the mountain region of the Graypeaks. They decided that they should avoid Llorkh on their way, to stay away from unneeded trouble in that shady town of ill repute.

After some travel, they came into a forest where the trees grew big and the canopy shielded them from the sun. They approached a small hill that opened into a clearing. There they saw some trees burning in the most unnatural way, as was quickly determined by the druid Caidiana. The fire was not consuming the trees and that could only mean a rift in the worlds between the natural world and the planes of Chaos. They climbed the hill to get a better view and what they saw was the reason behind the burning trees; Elementals! Two large living pillars of fire were in the clearing, along with five small elementals, and a very humanoid elemental clad in armor and armed with a sword. That had to be a fire archon, and he seems to be the leader of this band of fire. As they were standing on top of the hill they also saw the earth tremble as two earth elementals also shook themselves out of the ground, sending ripples of tremor around them, like living earthquakes.

In the far end of the clearing stood a lion-like humanoud defending it self from the attacks of the sparklings and the fire elementals, looking desperate in a loosing battle. The fire archon spotted the newly arrived interlopers and quickly redirected his elementals to attack our heroes, as the leonid was soon dead anyway.

The fire elementals focused their fire attacks to create fire zones around the adventurers, but that did not scare off the group from defending them selves, or saving the leonid. Davven set his bow and fired on the archon as Ianben the barbarian gnome cried out a howl like none the archon had ever heard and charged straight through the fire and slammed is axe in the gut of the archon, reducing it to a miserable state of health. The battle raged on, as Caidiana transformed into animal form and attacked the elementals with a primal fury of teeth and claws. Zefan positioned himself in the fray, between the earth elementals who were immobilized by Caidinia’s attacks.
After a short battle the archon fell first, then the elementals of fire and earth. Davven helped save the lionid by picking off the fire sparks that had been left to destroy the poor creature.

After the battle, the leonid presented itself as a Torrian named Rrowthar, an emissary from Ardent and his master Obanar in search of paragons to aid Ardent in it’s mission to defend the world from the evil Giants and Elementals from the plane of Chaos. This felt like destiny to the adventurers, and agreed to accept the invitation and go to Ardent and meet with Obanar to hear his request and offer to help Ardent and The Silver Cloaks protect the world. Rrowthar presented an invitation from Obanar that reads

Stand forth and be recognized! The invitation has been given. the choice has been made! As heroes of your realm and warriors without equal, you have been chosen for the singular honor of serving the great and ancient city of Argent and becoming a champion of all that civilization encompasses. The ritual scroll provided will take you to Argent, and to your destiny.

A new threat gathers, and it has been too long since new champions last walked Argent’s hallowed streets. The borderlands stretch thin, and the world stands defenseless. An ancient tradition has been set aside so that this call could go out. Accept this honor, this duty, this privilege beyond measure. Argent needs you. The world needs you. Do not allow the foundation to fall.

- Obanar, last Guardian of Argent

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Special notes
  • Davven had a great deductive speech about Giants and how they are too stupid (especially Hill Giants) to cooperate enough to go to war, and that there had to be more behind this rumor that is evident, yet. 100 xp bonus for good ideas!
  • Ianben got 100 xp for entering his Character into Obsidian Portal, Davven got 50 xp for trying (DM’s error)


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