Gardeners of Chaos

Session 3 - To Argent!

No harm can come from accepting an invitation and stepping through a portal, can it?

The adventurers boldly accepted the invitation from Rrowthar and Obanar, and was given the ritual scroll that would allow them to travel to Ardent. Caidiana cast the ritual, marking the ground with odd symbols in chalk and silver, and chanted the words that infused the symbols with magic and made them glow. Suddenly the circle shimmered and a portal appeared, but only for a brief moment she informed the rest, and they quickly stepped through.

An instant later they stood in an open courtyard in the magic circle that brought them there, surrounded by rows of marble statues watching the yard. The stone floor held a large pool, overlooked by a statue of Helm, standing with arms spread and gazing at the reflections in the pool. Before them stood an ancient man, clad in robes that once was grand, but now looked worn. His gray hair framed a slim face and his gnarled hands clutched a glowing staff. “I am Obanar, welcome to Ardent, Champions” he greeted them in a strong voice. There are sounds outside the courtyard, coming from outside the massive walls, but Obanar calmly says that the walls will hold. The sound of metal on stone and wood is clearly heard. The old man regards his leonid friend, and compliments him on his choice just before the ground shakes and to monsters erupt from the ground. Infamous land sharks, known as Bulettes jump out of the ground and instantly starts attacking everyone! Davven quickly fires away an arrow, making a bulette very aware of the dangers it faces. The rest of the gang are in battle positions, spreading out and firing everywhere, as if panic has gotten the best of them and tactics are for another day. Obanar and Rrowthar retreat towards the statue of Helm and Obanar starts using magic, which Caidiana recognizes as a mening spell of some sort. The Big sort.

Shortly after the bulettes emerge, and have moved into the courtyard, a large basilisk appears out of the hole to the west of the yard, and spots Obanar at the far end and moves towards is, razor sharp teeth clicking and glowing eyes intent on malice. Some earthlike elementals also appear, causing small earthquakes and throwing rock shards at them. After a few intense moments of battle, the bulettes are destroyed, but the rock slingers are a tough crowd. The Basilisk tries to petrify Obanar and Rrowthar, but they are too strong for the beasts magical eyes. The shaman Fang uses his magic to pull the basilisk away from Obanar and towards the fight that is taking place in a corner of the courtyard, and Davven fires off a few hard hitting arrows into the beast, and with the help of the others it is quickly brought down. The rock slingers are all alone now and dealt with in order, and the battle is over.

But there are still sounds raing around Ardent. Obanar finishes his spell, and the tunnels dug by the bulettes are sealed, all the way to the outside. “They will not penetrate our defences again, now that I have restored the outer perimiters magic. There is unrest within the city, you must take care of this before we can talk, let me show you” Obanar says, as he gestures over the pool and it turns into a watery map of the city. A glowing red dot pulses at a locating south of the courtyard, and the adventurers get ready to rush over. “I must get to the top of the Guard tower to keep safe the city. Rrowthar, show them the way” Obanar says, before he walks away and out of the courtyard.

“Well, we better start running towards another fight then!” Ianben says, smiling with his weapon ready for the next kill. And so they ran, towards whatever may have breached the city walls, to defend Argent.


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