Gardeners of Chaos

Session 6 - The supplyline

Follow the white rabbit

After the siege attempt, and attacks on Argent, our brave and bruised heroes return to The Guardians Tower and meed up with Obanar and Rrowthar. “The defences of the city are strong, for now. I have restored them, but I have to keep a vigilant watch over the city now, and we are more dependent on you than ever”. Obanar looks taxed, but his resolve is clearly strong.

“What shall we do now?” they ask among them selves. Discussions over coffee and cake are held, until Obanar interrupts and informs them that he has spotted the weak point in the earth giants army, they supply line. “As the giants move on to attack other settlements in the region, they must get supplies from somewhere, and orders. Follow the supply lines to their camp and wipe out the link” he suggests. And so they agree, to strike while the giants are on the move, and strike at their most vulnerable place; food. Oh, and Command. Whatever.

They follow the tracks made by the giant army, which even a blind bat could do. They move along the tracks keeping unseen, for two days until they reach what must be their destination. A plateau of flat land near a mountain side, a perfect base for hill giants. They approach silently, using the cover of bushes and rock to hide. As they sneak along the back-trails they are discovered by a patrol of giants, not once but twice! Oh how Davven must atone for his skills in sneaking when it is apparent he has taught nothing to his comrades. They defeat the patrols barely, fearing what may lie ahead, but relentless in their pursuit they carry on. Orc guards spot them too! But in the end, they survive their failed approach, and fint what must be the main camp.

Tents are scattered everywhere, most are abandoned, but a few camp fires are lit, and orcs, giants and ogres are seen wandering about. The remaining army is mostly a tattered crew, but none the less, our heroes sneak on, until they see what must be some sort of headquarters. Stuck to the side of the mountain is a large building made of wood and dirt, but it seems solid. There is a chimney on the roof and smoke coming from it, indicating that it is occupied. But, then again, the earth giant and the two massive ogres guarding the door could also be used to deduct the same conclusion…

They discuss tactics again (and enjoying this new experience) and plan how to lure the guards away from the door and into the open. Caidiana uses her shapeshifting to shift into the form of a piglet, and attempt to have the ogres chase an easy meal. A clever idea, as she struts intro the open from behind a boulder, squealing and making herself very attractive to the onlooking guards. They immediately bite the lure, and the giant orders the two ogres to get that pig! Caidiana on the other hand, moves towards the boulder, faster and faster, as she realizes the ogres are not only large and ugly, but they throw spears too!

And, as good plans go, they allow for adaption. The giant that is still by the large entrance doors to the compound, makes a sudden move to open the doors and let out a red, dragonlooking, vicious lizard (actually a Rage Drake, as they discover) that charges into the fray, jumping at the first meal it spots, which is not one of the ogres, unfortunately. The drake truly lived up to its name, tearing into flesh in a rage of anger! The giant also joined the fray, but these puny guards were no match for our heroes.

They ventured into the compound and soon discovered a group of giants hanging around a large magic circle, at least 3’ wide. The giants, and another of the rage drakes, were just standing, waiting, easy prey! So they kicked in the door and rushed in swords flailing. The battle was fierce, and took a turn for the worse when the magic circle, that in fact was 10" across, flared and a hill giant shaman appeared, cast a mighty spell of thunder and earth that them everyone to the floor before the shaman vanished again in a puff of magic light.
The battle continued a short while before the giants were beat down one by one, and the shaman appeared once more just in time to see his comrades die and he could escape through a door to safety, the coward.

After the mop up and slaying all remaining giants, they searched the room, and behind a curtain, where the shaman emerged the second time he showed his ugly face, was a room and a chest with lots of gold.

Now they stand in the summoning room, one door to the east(from where they came), one door to the south that they don’t know where leads, and door to the north where the shaman escaped and barred the door after him. What now, then? To the north to explore the unknown, or to the east and pursue the shaman?


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