Gardeners of Chaos

Session 9 - Dungeons, dragons and a mix of a small amount of crazy demons

After the utterly failed trip to the Necropolis in the search for information about the Skymetal, our heroes now has to figure out how to defeat the Armies of the Giants.

And bringing back the Torreans to Argent should make a mighty contribution towards this goal.

So after a little back and forth with Obanar, the group are dispatched deep into the Sheltered Woods with a little magical trick that`s called Linked Portal.

And right upon arriving in the woods, the two most perceptive heroes notice that they are indeed watched by some really, really, really big creatures.
After a little fumble and trot, our mighty adventures greets these creatures. Doing so, makes the Torreans to come forth from the shadow. Exactly 5 of them.

“Look, we found them. Lets go home” an excitedly Fang shouts in happiness. But that excitement disappeared fast, as they noticed that the eyes of the Torreans where mindlessly blank. Talking in unison, “For Physandos, for Physandos, for Physandos” while raising their weapons does not help any diplomacy.

“I’m not in the mood for fighting someone we are here to persuade to come with us back to Argent, I’m heading for the woods” shouts Davven, while the rest can only see his back disappearing into the wilderness. Eagerly the rest follows his lead, leaving the Torreans for their own mind-game.

After a few hours in the woods, its evidently that the group of heroes needs to gather information about the surroundings, and the Druid calls for a little help from the local wildlife. And a bird informs her that there is a village nearby with a lot of big and small creatures.
Deciding to scout the area with the goal of capturing one of these creatures, the group starts to walk around in the woods for some hours. And it all went great, until a large green Dragon came running their way.

Bushes wrecked, branches broken, trees barking the charging dragon came storming towards the band of tree-huggers. Our heroes, steady on their toes, put a fast stop to the charging creature. Seeing to it that it would never harm a branch ever again.

“Perhaps we should follow its tracks, and see where it came from” was suggested, and so, our heroes followed the tracks up to a hillside, only to find out that a large army of Giants was waiting some hundreds of yards away. Turning the boot, our heroes summoned some eagles for transportation, and flew down to the outskirts of the village with the purpose to find a single, or two, Torreans. To capture and to interrogate.

But our heroes was fast spotted by a large group, and suddenly, what might be seemed as a leader started to question our heroes.
Evidently, the Torreans was under some sort of influence and only after a fight of minds, between the heroes and the puppet-master, the demon that was Physandos showed its true self as it left the puppets, screaming in hurt that the fight was to be continued in Urthix cave as it soared as cloud up to the hillside.

Saying no to such an invitation has our band of heroes yet to pass, so they ran straight up to the complex of caves, following the dark cloud.
“Before we enter the cave, let me make this combat less painful” says the Shaman, as he calls forth the spirit-world for protection.

“I saw something moving inside, something big” Davven alertly informs the rest, as the little, but yet strong and dangerous Gnome pick up a sunrod and throw it inside.

“Ohhh… Another dragon… Grayish color” Davven explains.

“Chaaaaaaaaaaaarge” is all the group hears as the Gnome has run past them all and well into the cave to attack the dragon.

But not only a Dragon has taken refuge in this foul-smelling cave.
The remains of what is Physandos dark, shadowy form has transformed into the demon that he is, and summoned the demons little helpers in form of suicide creatures that enjoys to pull innocent heroes close to them so they can blow up like an angry lemming.

After a long and frustrating fight on both sides, the demon falls first, shaking the mind-controlled Dragon out of his prison. And the Dragon surrender immediately, since this day is not a good day to die.

Agreeing that our heroes can take his loot and begone, the dragon quickly starts the work of cleaning his cave of foul-smelling, rotting carcasses that is lying everywhere.

Down in the village, our heroes are welcomed as the heroes they are, and after both sides have been completely brought up to date with what has occurred, the Torreans sends Gruthow and two of the Torrian elders as a delegation back to Argent with the group.


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