Gardeners of Chaos

Session 4 - The mighty battle for Argent

Damn you Contingency!

[Someone else has to write the first part of the session before I got in]

The heroes are summoned to a chat with Obanar by the Guardian Tower. When the companions arrive they see him standing next to a large hulking man with a large cloak and the hood pulled down deep over his eyes. They could barely make out a set of red eyes under the cloak, but their eyes were soon drawn towards the shining holy symbol of Torm. “Karesch here is another of the paragons summoned to our city. He will help you with your quest.” When he drew back his hood the group were amazed to see an orc’s face appear, and despite some of the groups disposition towards orcs they welcomed him into their fellowship. Karesch the orc Paladin introduced himself to the group and told a little bit about himself, but the heroes were left with the feeling that he was reserved and even a bit stand off-ish.

Their host continued on by telling them that an unknown force was assaulting the inner sanctum of Argent, the vault. He urged the heroes to go down and discover what the evil-doers were doing down there. Without another word he turned and started to leave. Karesch bent his knee and asked for his new master’s blessing, but Obanar turned and kept walking as if he hadn’t heard him. They could see Karesch was lost in thought when he rose again, but he was quick to react when Ianben started running across the room and down into the lower parts of the town hall.
When they came down the stairs they could hear someone rummaging around on the other side of a massive iron clad oak door. The heroes wasted no time as they opened the door, let Karesch charge in alongside Ianben and take the fight to the biggest monster in the room, an earth elemental creature which caught the group by surprise. The fight was as violent as it was swift and the end result was given. The elemental and several ice shard minions dropped like flies, barely halting the heroes in their rush to get to the vault before the infernal troupe took what they came from.

The next to fall for the group was what appeared to be the main assault group. There were lava elementals and ice elementals alongside a few minions. The mighty scythe that is our heroes plowed through them, despite cleverly hidden traps all over the floor, but a misstep by Ianben landed him in a cell like room behind a forcefield, obviously designed to keep intruders securely locked up. The fellowship of misantropes had to push on and with much regret left the intrepid gnome to try to find a way out on his own.

As they entered the next room they were blinded by the array of treasures and wards which lit up the room. But in their way, the enemy was facing them and the group could hear chanting from around the corner. Their target was near! With renewed vigor the heroes brought the fight to the dastardly elementals. Even Karesch was disappointed by the lack of opposition (he would have to pray longer tonight for that slip…) as the elementals fell like flies.
The ranger got to the corner and looked around the corner with his bow drawn. The elementalist mage was about to finish his ritual! Davven drew his bow and let fly his mightiest attack as Karesch and Fang flew by, their weapons held high! Axes and swords sunk deeply into the flesh of the poor mage as he tried to defend himself. It was an uneven fight to say the least, and the bloodlust the players felt had in no way waned (it would be a late night for Karesch…). Thanks to magic trickery the elementalist was able to flee the scene, leaving the heroes to call out curses and promises of the evil-doers head on a plate the next time they found him.

Obanar entered the vault to find Ianben chipping away at the brick wall singing an angry tune. He dropped the force field with a wave of his hand and the mighty little gnome barbarian was finally able to rejoin his comrades.

The situation was explained and Obanar became deeply concerned. “They knew exactly what they were after,” Obanar explained. “This vault contains one of the pieces of The Divine Engine, a magical artifact made by the gods to imprison the primordial Piranoth. Come, the defenses of Argent are once more in place and the city is safe. Let us go above to more comfortable chambers and you may ask all your questions and I shall answer to the best of my abilities”.

And so they went to the upper levels of the Guardian Chambers and there they all sat down with food and drink, to recuperate, eat, drink and talk.
And here are the questions and answers they got…
[The end for someone else plx]


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