Argent Portal Scroll

musical instrument

You create a glowing circle of sigils on the ground, creating a portal to the forgotten city of Argent.

You create a special portal that connects to the permanent teleportation circle in Argent’s Grand Mall. When performing the ritual, you inscribe a 10-foot-diameter circle using rare chalks and special sigils. The circle disappears at the end of its duration.

An Arcana check determines how long the portal remains open: 19 or lower, 1 round; 20-39, 2 rounds; 40 or higher, 3 rounds.

If you are currently in the past, an Arcana check of 30 or better lets you use this ritual to return to Argent in your own time.

Level: 10
Component Cost: 500 gp
Category: Travel
Market Price: Not Applicable
Time: 10 minutes
Key Skill: Arcana or Nature
Duration: Special


Argent Portal Scroll

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