Gardeners of Chaos

Session 1 - Prelude
Got to start somewhere...

The last time our Adventurers adventured, they were in the midst of cleansing a village called Weeping Briar free of some nasty demons that had kidnapped the villagers and were preparing to sacrifice them to some evil deity.

Our heroes battled the demons and saved the villagers, but barely survived. It turns out that demons can be truly nasty opponents when they want to. It’s almost like the gods decided that our adventurers needed a tough challenge…

Now they stand in the hall of the village chief, feasting and celebrating the liberation of the village. So, now what? And the village chief says; Heroes, your help may be needed in Loudwater where my cousin Hardeth is governor. I beg of you to go and see him, and give him aid, for I am sure you can help him and save his town!

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