Gardeners of Chaos

Slime, traps and Acerarak

It’s just a pile of bones

Ascending the stairs

Facing Acerarak

Session 9 - Dungeons, dragons and a mix of a small amount of crazy demons

After the utterly failed trip to the Necropolis in the search for information about the Skymetal, our heroes now has to figure out how to defeat the Armies of the Giants.

And bringing back the Torreans to Argent should make a mighty contribution towards this goal.

So after a little back and forth with Obanar, the group are dispatched deep into the Sheltered Woods with a little magical trick that`s called Linked Portal.

And right upon arriving in the woods, the two most perceptive heroes notice that they are indeed watched by some really, really, really big creatures.
After a little fumble and trot, our mighty adventures greets these creatures. Doing so, makes the Torreans to come forth from the shadow. Exactly 5 of them.

“Look, we found them. Lets go home” an excitedly Fang shouts in happiness. But that excitement disappeared fast, as they noticed that the eyes of the Torreans where mindlessly blank. Talking in unison, “For Physandos, for Physandos, for Physandos” while raising their weapons does not help any diplomacy.

“I’m not in the mood for fighting someone we are here to persuade to come with us back to Argent, I’m heading for the woods” shouts Davven, while the rest can only see his back disappearing into the wilderness. Eagerly the rest follows his lead, leaving the Torreans for their own mind-game.

After a few hours in the woods, its evidently that the group of heroes needs to gather information about the surroundings, and the Druid calls for a little help from the local wildlife. And a bird informs her that there is a village nearby with a lot of big and small creatures.
Deciding to scout the area with the goal of capturing one of these creatures, the group starts to walk around in the woods for some hours. And it all went great, until a large green Dragon came running their way.

Bushes wrecked, branches broken, trees barking the charging dragon came storming towards the band of tree-huggers. Our heroes, steady on their toes, put a fast stop to the charging creature. Seeing to it that it would never harm a branch ever again.

“Perhaps we should follow its tracks, and see where it came from” was suggested, and so, our heroes followed the tracks up to a hillside, only to find out that a large army of Giants was waiting some hundreds of yards away. Turning the boot, our heroes summoned some eagles for transportation, and flew down to the outskirts of the village with the purpose to find a single, or two, Torreans. To capture and to interrogate.

But our heroes was fast spotted by a large group, and suddenly, what might be seemed as a leader started to question our heroes.
Evidently, the Torreans was under some sort of influence and only after a fight of minds, between the heroes and the puppet-master, the demon that was Physandos showed its true self as it left the puppets, screaming in hurt that the fight was to be continued in Urthix cave as it soared as cloud up to the hillside.

Saying no to such an invitation has our band of heroes yet to pass, so they ran straight up to the complex of caves, following the dark cloud.
“Before we enter the cave, let me make this combat less painful” says the Shaman, as he calls forth the spirit-world for protection.

“I saw something moving inside, something big” Davven alertly informs the rest, as the little, but yet strong and dangerous Gnome pick up a sunrod and throw it inside.

“Ohhh… Another dragon… Grayish color” Davven explains.

“Chaaaaaaaaaaaarge” is all the group hears as the Gnome has run past them all and well into the cave to attack the dragon.

But not only a Dragon has taken refuge in this foul-smelling cave.
The remains of what is Physandos dark, shadowy form has transformed into the demon that he is, and summoned the demons little helpers in form of suicide creatures that enjoys to pull innocent heroes close to them so they can blow up like an angry lemming.

After a long and frustrating fight on both sides, the demon falls first, shaking the mind-controlled Dragon out of his prison. And the Dragon surrender immediately, since this day is not a good day to die.

Agreeing that our heroes can take his loot and begone, the dragon quickly starts the work of cleaning his cave of foul-smelling, rotting carcasses that is lying everywhere.

Down in the village, our heroes are welcomed as the heroes they are, and after both sides have been completely brought up to date with what has occurred, the Torreans sends Gruthow and two of the Torrian elders as a delegation back to Argent with the group.

Session 8 - Ground pound makes dumber advendurers
Killing is easy, but a quiz, aaaw come on maaan! That's so unfair
ding! (all chars are now lvl 14)
Session 7 - The Earth giants Compund
Look, a floor no more!

Open the door

After reassuring themselves that the door was in fact both locked and barred, our heroes picked the lock and debarred the door, threw it open and looked into the the big room, which looked like a common room, only to see several waiting giants and an elemental made of magma! The battle against the giants was fierce and they utilized nasty tricks like acid filled projectiles the giants slung at Caidiana, and the magma elemental threw magma at then, creating a zone of intense heat in the doorway. The escaped shaman was there too, but in the end the giants proved no match for heroes.

More doors…

After the battle they saw the two doors on the opposite wall whence they came. The doors were part of the mountain side it self and they decided to enter the smaller door to the right. As they opened the door they looked into a finely cut hallway, ten feet wide. There were doors on the right hand side, and Davvens keen eyes spotted a secret door to the left side. The decided to investigate the secret door first. As they started to investigate, the door behind them opened and a band of fierce orcs cam at them! The orcs made it hallway into a complete chaos, and soon they heard heavier footsteps coming from down the hall. To make tings worse the secret door opened and another giant shaman appeared and used wicked magic to shake the very ground and throw rocks and rubble every way. Two hill giants appeared around the corner and Voltor took the initiative to stop them, while Davven shot arrows at the orcs, and Karesh, Caidiana and Ianben fought the orcs and the shaman.

Behind the shaman, Caidiana spotted a giant that wore better clothes and armor than any other giant they had seen, and he stood with three more giants guarding him, and that mush be the chieftan for this giant tribe! “Let’s get him!” she shouted (with a beastly growl) and they dispatched the orcs and shaman as quickly as they could. Voltor handled the last giants while the rest made for the giant chief. Caidiana and Karesh ran across the throne room to attack the guards, and poor Inaben, only a few feet behind them got caught in a massive floor trap! He took three steps into the room and the entire floor came away beneath his feet! He plunged into the darkness below…

Karesh and Caidiana killed the guards fast, and Davven joined them and took up position on the far wall, safe from harm and traps. They all attacked the giant chieftain as he laughed and defended him self, confident beyond reason. And the reason became very obvious to Ianben. He hit the ground with all the force of falling 50 ft. to an underground chamber. He saw in the dim light several giants of the earth and rock type (the tough ones) and something that looked like a living piece of the mountain it self, an earth titan! He quickly realized that going into a rage and attacking here would be the single most stupid act of his remaining 20 seconds of life on this earth, so he found his rope and grappling hook as fast as he could and threw it up to the others, catching the hook on the dead body of a giant guard in the room above, and climbed for his life – literally!

The chieftain was killed at the same time as Ianben crawled out of the pit, and soon the trap reset itself and the floor was once more whole.


A search of the compound revealed another secret room filled with treasure! Lots of gold and a Helm of Opportunity was discovered. The also found the Chieftains bedroom that had a holy symbol of Daring hidden under the mattress. The last room they searched was the war room and this was very important discovery as it contained all the plans for the hill and earth giants invasion, and also a letter from the frost giant Jarl, which spoke about a secret and special mission to the Frost Spire. What can this mean, are the frost giants also involved? Another letter implies that fire giants too are involved! Oh my…

What have we gotten our selves into…

The last door they opened leads down. And down means a titan. I really big titan. Really, really big…

Session 6 - The supplyline
Follow the white rabbit

After the siege attempt, and attacks on Argent, our brave and bruised heroes return to The Guardians Tower and meed up with Obanar and Rrowthar. “The defences of the city are strong, for now. I have restored them, but I have to keep a vigilant watch over the city now, and we are more dependent on you than ever”. Obanar looks taxed, but his resolve is clearly strong.

“What shall we do now?” they ask among them selves. Discussions over coffee and cake are held, until Obanar interrupts and informs them that he has spotted the weak point in the earth giants army, they supply line. “As the giants move on to attack other settlements in the region, they must get supplies from somewhere, and orders. Follow the supply lines to their camp and wipe out the link” he suggests. And so they agree, to strike while the giants are on the move, and strike at their most vulnerable place; food. Oh, and Command. Whatever.

They follow the tracks made by the giant army, which even a blind bat could do. They move along the tracks keeping unseen, for two days until they reach what must be their destination. A plateau of flat land near a mountain side, a perfect base for hill giants. They approach silently, using the cover of bushes and rock to hide. As they sneak along the back-trails they are discovered by a patrol of giants, not once but twice! Oh how Davven must atone for his skills in sneaking when it is apparent he has taught nothing to his comrades. They defeat the patrols barely, fearing what may lie ahead, but relentless in their pursuit they carry on. Orc guards spot them too! But in the end, they survive their failed approach, and fint what must be the main camp.

Tents are scattered everywhere, most are abandoned, but a few camp fires are lit, and orcs, giants and ogres are seen wandering about. The remaining army is mostly a tattered crew, but none the less, our heroes sneak on, until they see what must be some sort of headquarters. Stuck to the side of the mountain is a large building made of wood and dirt, but it seems solid. There is a chimney on the roof and smoke coming from it, indicating that it is occupied. But, then again, the earth giant and the two massive ogres guarding the door could also be used to deduct the same conclusion…

They discuss tactics again (and enjoying this new experience) and plan how to lure the guards away from the door and into the open. Caidiana uses her shapeshifting to shift into the form of a piglet, and attempt to have the ogres chase an easy meal. A clever idea, as she struts intro the open from behind a boulder, squealing and making herself very attractive to the onlooking guards. They immediately bite the lure, and the giant orders the two ogres to get that pig! Caidiana on the other hand, moves towards the boulder, faster and faster, as she realizes the ogres are not only large and ugly, but they throw spears too!

And, as good plans go, they allow for adaption. The giant that is still by the large entrance doors to the compound, makes a sudden move to open the doors and let out a red, dragonlooking, vicious lizard (actually a Rage Drake, as they discover) that charges into the fray, jumping at the first meal it spots, which is not one of the ogres, unfortunately. The drake truly lived up to its name, tearing into flesh in a rage of anger! The giant also joined the fray, but these puny guards were no match for our heroes.

They ventured into the compound and soon discovered a group of giants hanging around a large magic circle, at least 3’ wide. The giants, and another of the rage drakes, were just standing, waiting, easy prey! So they kicked in the door and rushed in swords flailing. The battle was fierce, and took a turn for the worse when the magic circle, that in fact was 10" across, flared and a hill giant shaman appeared, cast a mighty spell of thunder and earth that them everyone to the floor before the shaman vanished again in a puff of magic light.
The battle continued a short while before the giants were beat down one by one, and the shaman appeared once more just in time to see his comrades die and he could escape through a door to safety, the coward.

After the mop up and slaying all remaining giants, they searched the room, and behind a curtain, where the shaman emerged the second time he showed his ugly face, was a room and a chest with lots of gold.

Now they stand in the summoning room, one door to the east(from where they came), one door to the south that they don’t know where leads, and door to the north where the shaman escaped and barred the door after him. What now, then? To the north to explore the unknown, or to the east and pursue the shaman?

Session 5 - Investigate!
Looking into the past, present and future?

Our heroes started the next morning by discussing their next course of action, over a lavish breakfast. To find the torrians were their top priority, so Ardent could be restored again and be ready to fight the invasion. Obanar presented them with potions they could drink, that would give them a vision of the past and let them see the events that led to the torrians leaving Ardent.

They had been instructed to drink the potions on the grass field outside the proctor’s house in the center of Ardent. They saw that the front door to the proctors house was open and wanted to look about first. After rummaging around for some time, Caidiana’s keen eyes spotted a secret door! Hidden away in the center of the house was an office, and looking over the papers in the room suggested that the proctor was taking bribes from someone outside of Ardent. How strange! Wehn they were just about to find another piece of evidence, a trap was sprung and a demon of fury was summoned! Untitled

The battle was with the demon was taxing, and the raging fury of the demon put the little barbarian gnome to the test as it retaliated with an attack that almost put the gnome in an early grave, after Ianben had tried his best to knock the creature back to the abyss. The demon did succumb in the end, and the house was nearly destroyed in the process so they all went outside to rest and drink the magical potions Obanar had given them. As they did, a thick fog came and engulfed them all, and in the mist they could see glimpses of some vision. After some intense metal concentration, they finally saw what was, a large group of torrians gathered outside of the proctor’s house, waiting, anxious. They battled the vision to understand more, and saw Thror the proctor enter a podium outside his house and give a speech to the population of Ardent. “Friends, we have watched as Ardent slips away” he said, “as if devastated by a withering disease. Where are the champions in this, our darkest hour? Where is the guardian? Where is the seneschal? We are alone and time has come to examine our options”. They see in the vision that Thror carries a ring, with a symbol of an ancient demon cult tied to Oublivae, the demon queen of ruin and destruction. Thror continues “Argent is all but deserted, it’s champions gone. We can remain and slowly fade away as the city deterioates, or we can decide our own fate. It is time for the torrians to become masters of their own fate, and Physandros has offered us a place where we can prosper!”.
The gestures Thror are using as he speaks is recognized by Caidiana as being arcane gestures to cast an enthralling spell, a gease to compell the will of the listeners! "Let us accept this generous offer from Physandros, " Tror says, “and let us take our families, hopes and dreams and settle in the Sheltered Woods, far away from this place. Further, let us agree to the few obligations Physandros has asked of us.” The crowd cheers. The party gets a sensation of the crowd being glassy eyed and completely under the control of Thror, but there is also a dark taint in the air above Thror, something wholly unnatural and demonic.

After returning to the present and out of the magical vision, they decide to visit Obanar to ask him about this vision and the history of Argent. But, as they approach the observation deck of the Guardian Tower, they hear shouting and cursing, and Obanar enters the hall and beckons them to a room near by. The hill giants have laid siege to the city! Obanar says the defences will hold, but there are two assault groups that have breached the defenses that must be dealt with immediately. Obanar asks them again to defend Ardent while he repairs the magical defenses of the city.

The first place to counter the attacking forces is the landing platform, where a solid wooden platform has been bolted into the cliff-face to allow avian creatures to land. As they approach the 50’ tall walls they hear someone trying to beat down the gate. Using accessladders they climb the wall and look out, to see four giants and a huge bird. The bird is circling the area while the giants are working on the gate. The battle is fierce as Davven loose his arrows at the bird, but it grabs Fang and drops him to the platform, only a foot away from the edge, and certain death (it’s a 200 foot drop to the ground). Ianben learns that these giants pack a mean club, which fang also learns. They are both clubbed within inches of their lives, but some healing and luck keeps them alive and in the end, victorious.

As they defeat the intruders, a ghostly visage of Obanar appears and informs them that there is another strike force at the main gate that must be stopped.

They ruch across Argent and climb the walls again, ready for another fight. An earth archon, a hill giant and a huge lizard, a Behir, is on the approach. But that is just one small group compared to the entire army they see standing on the perimiter of the magical barrier that protects Argent. The host is comprised of giants, elementals and other beasts! But the barrier holds so far, so the strike team must be dealt with. Davven and Caidiana uses their range to attack from the wall, and Ianben and Fang jumps down. The giant carries a huge ball of dirt that it throws at the gate, and it explodes in fire and lightning, as terrible weapon! The gate holds, but is deeply scarred, and the giant lumbers on to batter the gate. The behir becomes the main focus of the group, as it is a terrible beast. Lightning fast and dealing lightning damage, it is luckily for the heroes, held at bay by Caidiana’s magic while Ianben can hack away at it.

In the end, our heroes defeated the intruders and Obanar got the defenses back up, and the army is held at bay.

Giants big
Giants on the attack!

Hit of the day: Ianben took a whopping 73 hitpoints in damage from the fury demon! But then again, they met some giants with big clubs and as the party’s tank, Ianben and Fang put their healingsurges to good use!

and… DING!

Session 4 - The mighty battle for Argent
Damn you Contingency!

[Someone else has to write the first part of the session before I got in]

The heroes are summoned to a chat with Obanar by the Guardian Tower. When the companions arrive they see him standing next to a large hulking man with a large cloak and the hood pulled down deep over his eyes. They could barely make out a set of red eyes under the cloak, but their eyes were soon drawn towards the shining holy symbol of Torm. “Karesch here is another of the paragons summoned to our city. He will help you with your quest.” When he drew back his hood the group were amazed to see an orc’s face appear, and despite some of the groups disposition towards orcs they welcomed him into their fellowship. Karesch the orc Paladin introduced himself to the group and told a little bit about himself, but the heroes were left with the feeling that he was reserved and even a bit stand off-ish.

Their host continued on by telling them that an unknown force was assaulting the inner sanctum of Argent, the vault. He urged the heroes to go down and discover what the evil-doers were doing down there. Without another word he turned and started to leave. Karesch bent his knee and asked for his new master’s blessing, but Obanar turned and kept walking as if he hadn’t heard him. They could see Karesch was lost in thought when he rose again, but he was quick to react when Ianben started running across the room and down into the lower parts of the town hall.
When they came down the stairs they could hear someone rummaging around on the other side of a massive iron clad oak door. The heroes wasted no time as they opened the door, let Karesch charge in alongside Ianben and take the fight to the biggest monster in the room, an earth elemental creature which caught the group by surprise. The fight was as violent as it was swift and the end result was given. The elemental and several ice shard minions dropped like flies, barely halting the heroes in their rush to get to the vault before the infernal troupe took what they came from.

The next to fall for the group was what appeared to be the main assault group. There were lava elementals and ice elementals alongside a few minions. The mighty scythe that is our heroes plowed through them, despite cleverly hidden traps all over the floor, but a misstep by Ianben landed him in a cell like room behind a forcefield, obviously designed to keep intruders securely locked up. The fellowship of misantropes had to push on and with much regret left the intrepid gnome to try to find a way out on his own.

As they entered the next room they were blinded by the array of treasures and wards which lit up the room. But in their way, the enemy was facing them and the group could hear chanting from around the corner. Their target was near! With renewed vigor the heroes brought the fight to the dastardly elementals. Even Karesch was disappointed by the lack of opposition (he would have to pray longer tonight for that slip…) as the elementals fell like flies.
The ranger got to the corner and looked around the corner with his bow drawn. The elementalist mage was about to finish his ritual! Davven drew his bow and let fly his mightiest attack as Karesch and Fang flew by, their weapons held high! Axes and swords sunk deeply into the flesh of the poor mage as he tried to defend himself. It was an uneven fight to say the least, and the bloodlust the players felt had in no way waned (it would be a late night for Karesch…). Thanks to magic trickery the elementalist was able to flee the scene, leaving the heroes to call out curses and promises of the evil-doers head on a plate the next time they found him.

Obanar entered the vault to find Ianben chipping away at the brick wall singing an angry tune. He dropped the force field with a wave of his hand and the mighty little gnome barbarian was finally able to rejoin his comrades.

The situation was explained and Obanar became deeply concerned. “They knew exactly what they were after,” Obanar explained. “This vault contains one of the pieces of The Divine Engine, a magical artifact made by the gods to imprison the primordial Piranoth. Come, the defenses of Argent are once more in place and the city is safe. Let us go above to more comfortable chambers and you may ask all your questions and I shall answer to the best of my abilities”.

And so they went to the upper levels of the Guardian Chambers and there they all sat down with food and drink, to recuperate, eat, drink and talk.
And here are the questions and answers they got…
[The end for someone else plx]

Session 3 - To Argent!
No harm can come from accepting an invitation and stepping through a portal, can it?

The adventurers boldly accepted the invitation from Rrowthar and Obanar, and was given the ritual scroll that would allow them to travel to Ardent. Caidiana cast the ritual, marking the ground with odd symbols in chalk and silver, and chanted the words that infused the symbols with magic and made them glow. Suddenly the circle shimmered and a portal appeared, but only for a brief moment she informed the rest, and they quickly stepped through.

An instant later they stood in an open courtyard in the magic circle that brought them there, surrounded by rows of marble statues watching the yard. The stone floor held a large pool, overlooked by a statue of Helm, standing with arms spread and gazing at the reflections in the pool. Before them stood an ancient man, clad in robes that once was grand, but now looked worn. His gray hair framed a slim face and his gnarled hands clutched a glowing staff. “I am Obanar, welcome to Ardent, Champions” he greeted them in a strong voice. There are sounds outside the courtyard, coming from outside the massive walls, but Obanar calmly says that the walls will hold. The sound of metal on stone and wood is clearly heard. The old man regards his leonid friend, and compliments him on his choice just before the ground shakes and to monsters erupt from the ground. Infamous land sharks, known as Bulettes jump out of the ground and instantly starts attacking everyone! Davven quickly fires away an arrow, making a bulette very aware of the dangers it faces. The rest of the gang are in battle positions, spreading out and firing everywhere, as if panic has gotten the best of them and tactics are for another day. Obanar and Rrowthar retreat towards the statue of Helm and Obanar starts using magic, which Caidiana recognizes as a mening spell of some sort. The Big sort.

Shortly after the bulettes emerge, and have moved into the courtyard, a large basilisk appears out of the hole to the west of the yard, and spots Obanar at the far end and moves towards is, razor sharp teeth clicking and glowing eyes intent on malice. Some earthlike elementals also appear, causing small earthquakes and throwing rock shards at them. After a few intense moments of battle, the bulettes are destroyed, but the rock slingers are a tough crowd. The Basilisk tries to petrify Obanar and Rrowthar, but they are too strong for the beasts magical eyes. The shaman Fang uses his magic to pull the basilisk away from Obanar and towards the fight that is taking place in a corner of the courtyard, and Davven fires off a few hard hitting arrows into the beast, and with the help of the others it is quickly brought down. The rock slingers are all alone now and dealt with in order, and the battle is over.

But there are still sounds raing around Ardent. Obanar finishes his spell, and the tunnels dug by the bulettes are sealed, all the way to the outside. “They will not penetrate our defences again, now that I have restored the outer perimiters magic. There is unrest within the city, you must take care of this before we can talk, let me show you” Obanar says, as he gestures over the pool and it turns into a watery map of the city. A glowing red dot pulses at a locating south of the courtyard, and the adventurers get ready to rush over. “I must get to the top of the Guard tower to keep safe the city. Rrowthar, show them the way” Obanar says, before he walks away and out of the courtyard.

“Well, we better start running towards another fight then!” Ianben says, smiling with his weapon ready for the next kill. And so they ran, towards whatever may have breached the city walls, to defend Argent.

Session 2 - Off to Loudwater
Saving the world starts with a small favor for a distant cousin

The town leader of Weeping Briar, the most influential farmer in the small village, asks the adventurers to consider aiding his cousin Hardeth in Loudwater where he is facing a serious threat from Giants rampaging in the area around the Gray Vale. Governor Hardeth has sent his envoy Zefan to scour the lands for aid. His visit to Weeping Briar was most fruitful as our heroes were more than willing to take on the challenge, not missing an opportunity to help, particularly when there is a reward included.

The journey to Loudwater is long and perilous from Weeping Briar, which is located between Cormyr and The Dalelands, so the adventurers and Zefan rode horses to Arabel and paid for a teleportation to Daggerdale, andwent by riverboat to Loudwater. There they met with Hardeth, the Commander of the Guard and the local Amaunator clergy. There they were presented with the problem of the Giants and told about the raids and destruction that they had caused, and the horrible rumor of war. The Commander explained that he had received reports that the Giants were preparing for a war. They accepted the mission to explore what is happening, and received a charter and was promised 22,000 gold pieces as a reward if they could find a way to stop this war. Zefan agreed to join the group and lend his warrior skills to the collective pool of awesomness.

Spending the night in Loudwater, and talking to the locals revealed a few more rumors about the happenings of late, and about Llorkh, the small village between Loudwater and the mountain region of the Graypeaks. They decided that they should avoid Llorkh on their way, to stay away from unneeded trouble in that shady town of ill repute.

After some travel, they came into a forest where the trees grew big and the canopy shielded them from the sun. They approached a small hill that opened into a clearing. There they saw some trees burning in the most unnatural way, as was quickly determined by the druid Caidiana. The fire was not consuming the trees and that could only mean a rift in the worlds between the natural world and the planes of Chaos. They climbed the hill to get a better view and what they saw was the reason behind the burning trees; Elementals! Two large living pillars of fire were in the clearing, along with five small elementals, and a very humanoid elemental clad in armor and armed with a sword. That had to be a fire archon, and he seems to be the leader of this band of fire. As they were standing on top of the hill they also saw the earth tremble as two earth elementals also shook themselves out of the ground, sending ripples of tremor around them, like living earthquakes.

In the far end of the clearing stood a lion-like humanoud defending it self from the attacks of the sparklings and the fire elementals, looking desperate in a loosing battle. The fire archon spotted the newly arrived interlopers and quickly redirected his elementals to attack our heroes, as the leonid was soon dead anyway.

The fire elementals focused their fire attacks to create fire zones around the adventurers, but that did not scare off the group from defending them selves, or saving the leonid. Davven set his bow and fired on the archon as Ianben the barbarian gnome cried out a howl like none the archon had ever heard and charged straight through the fire and slammed is axe in the gut of the archon, reducing it to a miserable state of health. The battle raged on, as Caidiana transformed into animal form and attacked the elementals with a primal fury of teeth and claws. Zefan positioned himself in the fray, between the earth elementals who were immobilized by Caidinia’s attacks.
After a short battle the archon fell first, then the elementals of fire and earth. Davven helped save the lionid by picking off the fire sparks that had been left to destroy the poor creature.

After the battle, the leonid presented itself as a Torrian named Rrowthar, an emissary from Ardent and his master Obanar in search of paragons to aid Ardent in it’s mission to defend the world from the evil Giants and Elementals from the plane of Chaos. This felt like destiny to the adventurers, and agreed to accept the invitation and go to Ardent and meet with Obanar to hear his request and offer to help Ardent and The Silver Cloaks protect the world. Rrowthar presented an invitation from Obanar that reads

Stand forth and be recognized! The invitation has been given. the choice has been made! As heroes of your realm and warriors without equal, you have been chosen for the singular honor of serving the great and ancient city of Argent and becoming a champion of all that civilization encompasses. The ritual scroll provided will take you to Argent, and to your destiny.

A new threat gathers, and it has been too long since new champions last walked Argent’s hallowed streets. The borderlands stretch thin, and the world stands defenseless. An ancient tradition has been set aside so that this call could go out. Accept this honor, this duty, this privilege beyond measure. Argent needs you. The world needs you. Do not allow the foundation to fall.

- Obanar, last Guardian of Argent

Session quotes
Special notes
  • Davven had a great deductive speech about Giants and how they are too stupid (especially Hill Giants) to cooperate enough to go to war, and that there had to be more behind this rumor that is evident, yet. 100 xp bonus for good ideas!
  • Ianben got 100 xp for entering his Character into Obsidian Portal, Davven got 50 xp for trying (DM’s error)

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