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RETIRED – Welcome to the North!

Weary travelers from around the globe take the hard and long way to the North, where the Spine of The World separates the civilized lands from the icy death of the northern mountains and glaciers where only the bravest dare venture…

But, are you not the bravest of them all? Paragons of virtue, heroism and greed, you are destined to seek out the riches and perils that lie in the north, and so you start your journey to Loudwater and the Graypeak mountains.

There are Giants on the move in the Graypeak Mountains, and there are rumors of war! Our Heroes venture forth to unveil the sinister plans of Giants and their ilk, and to try and put a stop to the war that might destroy Faerûn as we know it…

But, there are some that will stand in their way. The paragons of virtue, the Silver Cloaks, have forever fought an epic battle against the Chaos, and once more they are called to aid the world. Our heroes are asked to step in the shoes of the ancient heroes of the ages, and save the world.

Will they succeed or will they be but a speck of blood under the foot of a titan, burned to cinders by an elemental or beaten to a pulp by the great club of an earth giant. Only time, luck and wit will save them. Or the Chaos will have a good long laugh, as death and destruction consume the world…

Home Page

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