What is this threat?

The giants have begun to come together in such numbers that have not been seen since the Dawn War. Earth giants have already struck here in Argent, and I believe they are also marching on other key locations around the world. I fear that the giants and their elemental allies have conspired to free a primordial from it’s ancient prison

What was taken from the vault?

The intruders knew exactly what they were after. They stole a piece of the Divine Engine that the gods used to imprison the primordial called Piranoth. It appears as if the giants have teamed up with a group of elementals with the express purpose to set Piranoth free

What happens next?

There are many paths to choose from here, to approach the perils that lie ahead of us. There are quests to undertake, research to be done and battles to be fought before we can even begin to hope of winning this war.


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