Gardeners of Chaos

Session 7 - The Earth giants Compund

Look, a floor no more!

Open the door

After reassuring themselves that the door was in fact both locked and barred, our heroes picked the lock and debarred the door, threw it open and looked into the the big room, which looked like a common room, only to see several waiting giants and an elemental made of magma! The battle against the giants was fierce and they utilized nasty tricks like acid filled projectiles the giants slung at Caidiana, and the magma elemental threw magma at then, creating a zone of intense heat in the doorway. The escaped shaman was there too, but in the end the giants proved no match for heroes.

More doors…

After the battle they saw the two doors on the opposite wall whence they came. The doors were part of the mountain side it self and they decided to enter the smaller door to the right. As they opened the door they looked into a finely cut hallway, ten feet wide. There were doors on the right hand side, and Davvens keen eyes spotted a secret door to the left side. The decided to investigate the secret door first. As they started to investigate, the door behind them opened and a band of fierce orcs cam at them! The orcs made it hallway into a complete chaos, and soon they heard heavier footsteps coming from down the hall. To make tings worse the secret door opened and another giant shaman appeared and used wicked magic to shake the very ground and throw rocks and rubble every way. Two hill giants appeared around the corner and Voltor took the initiative to stop them, while Davven shot arrows at the orcs, and Karesh, Caidiana and Ianben fought the orcs and the shaman.

Behind the shaman, Caidiana spotted a giant that wore better clothes and armor than any other giant they had seen, and he stood with three more giants guarding him, and that mush be the chieftan for this giant tribe! “Let’s get him!” she shouted (with a beastly growl) and they dispatched the orcs and shaman as quickly as they could. Voltor handled the last giants while the rest made for the giant chief. Caidiana and Karesh ran across the throne room to attack the guards, and poor Inaben, only a few feet behind them got caught in a massive floor trap! He took three steps into the room and the entire floor came away beneath his feet! He plunged into the darkness below…

Karesh and Caidiana killed the guards fast, and Davven joined them and took up position on the far wall, safe from harm and traps. They all attacked the giant chieftain as he laughed and defended him self, confident beyond reason. And the reason became very obvious to Ianben. He hit the ground with all the force of falling 50 ft. to an underground chamber. He saw in the dim light several giants of the earth and rock type (the tough ones) and something that looked like a living piece of the mountain it self, an earth titan! He quickly realized that going into a rage and attacking here would be the single most stupid act of his remaining 20 seconds of life on this earth, so he found his rope and grappling hook as fast as he could and threw it up to the others, catching the hook on the dead body of a giant guard in the room above, and climbed for his life – literally!

The chieftain was killed at the same time as Ianben crawled out of the pit, and soon the trap reset itself and the floor was once more whole.


A search of the compound revealed another secret room filled with treasure! Lots of gold and a Helm of Opportunity was discovered. The also found the Chieftains bedroom that had a holy symbol of Daring hidden under the mattress. The last room they searched was the war room and this was very important discovery as it contained all the plans for the hill and earth giants invasion, and also a letter from the frost giant Jarl, which spoke about a secret and special mission to the Frost Spire. What can this mean, are the frost giants also involved? Another letter implies that fire giants too are involved! Oh my…

What have we gotten our selves into…

The last door they opened leads down. And down means a titan. I really big titan. Really, really big…


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